Cub Scout Pack 58 2021 Sign Up Night

Fall of 2021

When:  Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 6:30 pm.

Where:  St. John's Lutheran Church, 800 Main, Park Rapids

Who: any interested child in Kindergarten through 5th grade

Cub Scout Pack 58 is charted by the Rotary of Park Rapids.  It has been in existence for nearly 75 years.

It is available for all children from Kindergarten through the 5th Grade

How do I sign my Child up?

Step One:  Fill out an application

There are several ways.

Step Two: Pay registration fee.

Registration fee for a new Scout is $120 

$126.25 covers a Scouts registration from Oct 1 2021 through the calendar year 2022.  Registering and paying online only will automatically cover that registration.

Step Three:  Go to a meeting.

What if I signed up online, how will I find out where and when there is a meeting?  Once an application is accepted, each adult family member that wishes will get a username and a welcome email to a website called TroopTrack.  it is where our pack calendar is organized and many of our messages come from.  The pack also has a private Facebook Group That after answering a few verification questions you may join.

What if I have more questions?.  Contact Dustin Lof or Tom Weston for details

Step Four:  Volunteer.

But I heard Pack 58 already has leaders?  Yes, fortunately we do but, many of our leaders are filling multiple roles.  Leaders come from friends and families of the Cubs.  There is no pre-existing group of leaders!  The Pack always needs new help!

Step Five:  Have Fun.

Children join Cub Scouting because they want to have fun. For the kids, however, fun means a lot more than just having a good time. "Fun" is children's  code word for the satisfaction they get from meeting challenges, having friends, feeling good about themselves, and feeling they are important to other people. While the kids are having fun and doing things they like to do, they also learn new things, discover and master new skills, gain self-confidence, and develop strong friendships.

Common Questions:


          Meetings:  most months during the school year there is a monthly Pack meeting and two Den meetings

          Other activities during the year are the PineWood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, summer camps, and other activity trips

     Uniforms:  It is desirable that each Cub obtain a uniform.  The Class A uniform includes the blue short, neckerchief, slide, and belt. Optional items are a hat, Cub scout pants, and other items.  As the Rank patches earned by the scouts can't be worn on other than the Class A uniform, this needs to be eventually obtained.

          However, there is a fair amount of cost involved with the Class A uniform (see below).  We do have an inexpensive(about $5) Pack tee shirt (class B uniform) which can be worn until a Class A can be obtained)

     Handbooks:  Each rank has it's own handbook describing the requirements for advancement and activities to accomplish those requirements.  Cost for those are below as well.  

Please. ask questions, volunteer, get involved.  

Uniform Item



Lion Short Sleeve TShirt


Lion Hat


Cub Scouts Tiger, Wolf, Bear

Long Sleeve Shirt


Short Sleeve Shirt


Cub Scout Rank Cap


Tiger or Cub Scout Web Belt




Cub Scout Neckerchief Slide



Micropoly or Poplin Short/Long Sleeve Shirt

$29.99 - $44.99

Girl’s Micropoly Short Sleeve Shirt


Webelos Cap


Webelos Neckerchief


Webelos Neckerchief Slide


Webelos Colors


Shoulder Loops



Lion’s Kit


Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos


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